Shopping Mall Security

Nowadays, shopping mall is one of the most popular hangouts for everyone. It is where you can find everything you need and want. However, this place also presents a wide range of safety and security concerns; from lost children to criminal activities.

We, at Sustainables Success Supplies Ltd, are here to respond. We have a staff of security personnel who are trained to effectively and efficiently interact with mall tenants, local law enforcement and most importantly with customers. We design various security services for your specific needs.

We also ensure that our security officers are equipped and qualified to handle any safety and security situation that may occur in a shopping mall. Our services include:

  • Access Control
  • Assessment and Response to Emergency Situations
  • Control Room Monitoring
  • Assisting Senior Citizens and Physically-challenged Individuals

Our courteous security officers can also enhance your customer service. We recognize every individual as our customer; from mall tenants to shoppers. Our optimum goal is to represent, serve, and protect your business.