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Sustainables Success Supplies Ltd

Sustainables Success Supplies Ltd is a customer focused Facilities firm that is renowned for providing high impact staffing solution services that prove highly cost effective for our clients. We are proactive in working in coordination on variety of projects long and short term in staffing.

We use the latest state of the art technology to monitor our staff' from security guards to cleaning operatives. Site visits and patrols as well as all related activities nationwide. Using real time technology system software we are able to allocate, supervise and control every guard and cleaner with patrol routes and site itinerary and make updates and route changes in real time.

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Bodyguard & Security Guard Services

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Our Clients

Sustainables Success Supplies Ltd has been delivering world class security guard services in London with several standing contracts with CNIM, Quinn (as sub-contractor) and Magenta..
Sustainables Success Supplies Ltd has great regulations to provide the best security services.